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  • Number of nursery schools operated

As of Feburuary 2024

Service contents
  • Outsourced childcare service

    We operate the services that are outsourced in "Childcare Facilities in Offices (companies, hospitals, universities, etc.)."
    By using the services as a part of the welfare benefits for employees, an environment where they can work without anxiety is achieved.

  • Public childcare service

    We also operate various forms of childcare facilities such as the "Schoolchildren Club" and "Children's House" for elementary school students and younger, including the "Nijiiro Nursery School," which is a licensed nursery school.

Outsourced childcare service

The childcare environment of employees is improved by the service provided according to the needs of each on-site childcare facility established by companies, hospitals, and universities, etc.

Since we have lots of experience in outsourced childcare facilities in hospitals, we are able to take care of children in accordance with the needs, such as 24/7 support and foreign language support, which vary for each office. We help business operators with preventing employees from leaving their jobs during child rearing and with strengthening recruitment capability.

Public childcare service

We care about the links between ourselves and parents and communities, and we provide the environment needed for ongoing child rearing.

"Childcare with Nature," childcare that nurtures the inner self

We cultivate children's inner selves through contact with nature: their sensitives, ability to think, feelings of compassion, and more, bringing them up to be kind to others and to think and act for themselves

Reliable "Childcare Staff" fostered by original recruitment and training

Creating a comfortable working environment

We support childcare providers so that they can keep their "skill as a childcare provider" high, through not only pre-employment training such as reemployment support courses entrusted by the government, but also through various types of training, which vary depending on job titles and years of experience, even after employment.
In addition, we think the voices of the nursery staff important and are constantly improving their treatment including work hours and work environment.

Training example
Rhythm expression training
Childcare training

Management training
Lifesaving training