「...planning the Future」~Developing people and creating the future~

In Japan, with compounding issues such as the declining birthrate, aging population, children on waiting lists to enter schools, and having to quit work to take care of family members, individual life stances are changing rapidly and desired lifestyles are also diversifying.
Today's society therefore demands diversified work styles, and to achieve that LIKE Group has been engaged in the three areas of childcare, human resources, and nursing care since its founding in 1993, always putting people first, regardless of age, nationality, or background.
"I have to take care of my children." "I don't have a good education or much experience of anything." "I need to care for a family member."
It is for reasons like these that people are forced to give up on things, but LIKE wants to gradually do away with them.We want to be there for every working person.
We believe that increasing the number of lifestyle choices allows people to live ever more fulfilling lives.
We aim to be a corporate group that people need at every stage of life.