LIKE Group supports people living their lives all around the world regardless of age, nationality, or background

We are implementing services in the fields of childcare, human resources, and nursing care through the operations of the following companies: "LIKE Kids," a first-rate company in the childcare business which operates outsourced on-site childcare in offices that are established by companies, hospitals, and universities, etc., and manages child rearing support services operating over 400 facilities in public childcare such as licensed nursery schools and after school clubs; "LIKE Staffing," a first-rate company in the human resources business which operates comprehensive human resources services such as temporary staffing, outsourcing, recruitment, and recruitment and education support; and "LIKE Care," which operates the nursing care related services with 25 paid nursing homes, where residents are provided with 24/7 end-of-life care by the nursing staff. Through these services, we are aiming to be a corporate group that is essential at every stage of life.