Becoming a corporate group that people need at every stage of life.

LIKE - for your life.
We are the LIKE Group.

 Since its founding in 1993, the LIKE Group has adopted the corporate philosophy of "... planning the Future: developing people and creating the future." We place "people" at the center of the three fields of "human resources," "childcare," and "nursing care" regardless of age, nationality, or background. We have achieved industry-leading growth in those fields through our business companies: "LIKE Staffing," which operates comprehensive human resources services such as temporary staffing, outsourcing, recruitment, and recruitment and education support, etc.; "LIKE Kids," which operates over 400 facilities for outsourced on-site childcare in offices, licensed nursery schools and after school clubs; and "LIKE Care," which operates 25 nursing homes and nursing care related services.

 In Japan, with its ever faster declining birthrate and aging population, our individual life stances are now changing and the lifestyles we seek are diversifying. In order to increase the working population, placing more weight on work styles where working hours, employment forms, etc. are not the be all and end all has become a socially urgent issue.
 The Group has been working directly on this essential theme of today's society by conducting the education and training necessary for each job seeker regardless of his/her social experience, work experience, age, or academic background, by supporting activities at work places, and helping people make the best use of the experience to create enjoyment in working.
 Not only do we offer job seekers information on the work of their choice, but we also offer information on work that is applicable to their abilities and work that they can obtain by improving their skills. Also, for recruiting companies, we propose various recruitment standards and work styles to ensure a perfect match between job seekers and recruiting companies. As a result, we have achieved obtaining employment for numerous job seekers.
 While child rearing and nursing care account for the majority of the reasons for leaving one’s job, in the fields of child rearing support services and nursing care related services, we are also there for people who think that they can not work even if they want to. We tailor our support to their situation and needs, and continue to provide services that make them more valuable to the market.

 Therefore, please feel free to contact us not only about the provision of human resources, but also regarding issues to do with work, such as raising the retention rate, education and training, reformulating pay systems, welfare programs related to childcare, and nursing care for employees. We provide optimal services by accurately recognizing the needs of both job seekers and recruiting companies, not only by way of the kind of recruitment activities, matching, and staff follow-up used up until now, but also through utilizing the viewpoints and know-how of those who use the human resources services - viewpoints and know-how we have come to understand as a mobile phone sales agency and an operator of childcare and nursing care facilities.

 We believe that everyone can live a fulfilling life by achieving diverse working styles and increasing their lifestyle choices. In December 2016, we brought together the Group brands, taking "LIKE" as our starting point, with the aim of becoming a corporate group that is essential at every stage of life, from the cradle to twilight years, and with the desire to be a group that all stakeholders wholeheartedly approve and feel a strong affinity for.

 LIKE - for your life. In line with the needs of the times and today's society, we have created new services by always producing the best match between people and work. Keep an eye on what we do from here on in!

LIKE, Inc.
Yasuhiko Okamoto