We create new working styles for diverse lifestyles.

Since starting to support the advancement of young people including part-timers or NEETs in society, our company has expanded its services for various ages, industries and job types, while supporting progression to the next stage of life such as marriage, childbirth or nursing. However, because of changes in individual views of life or social environment, the conventional working style cannot support people's diversifying lifestyles, which contributes to the decrease in the working population caused by the declining birthrate and aging population.

Therefore, we believe our role is to make possible various working styles and thus help increase the working population to stimulate the Japanese economy. For this purpose, we introduce personnel to our client companies and provide a wide range of services including training and follow-up for jobseekers. We also suggest new working conditions or personnel allocation to our client companies. In doing this, we take advantage of the fact that our group itself is also a user of personnel services as a provider of mobile phone sales agency stores and childcare and nursing facilities.

To be a company needed by communities and required by jobseekers, staff and client companies.

In order to make possible various working styles, we have to understand the lifestyles and skills of jobseekers and staff and match them with the needs of client customers to provide services guaranteeing high satisfaction for everyone. We put importance on training and follow-up before and after employment to increase the life options of jobseekers and staff regardless of their age, nationality and background and strive to enhance our ability to match them with the needs of client companies.

We are also making efforts to solve all challenges related to work by suggesting better working conditions to our client companies in order to encourage staff to be active in the companies and thus improve satisfaction for both staff and client companies. We will continue to be a company that communities need, that jobseekers and staff need in order to achieve their desired lifestyle and for client companies to expand their business. To this end we will strive to keep improving and further developing our services.

LIKE Staffing, inc.
Takeshi Miyago