CSR guidelines

The LIKE Group's philosophy of "...planning the Future: developing people and creating the future."
We believe that the Group's ongoing involvement in the business of childcare and our overall Group growth are part and parcel of finding solutions to current social issues and to future development.

We are working on becoming a corporate group that is essential at every stage of life from cradle to twilight years.

LIKE Group's business and
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  • Child-rearing support

    We provide outsourced childcare services and public childcare services that connect home, workplace and neighborhood.

  • Comprehensive human
    resources service

    We engage in temporary staffing, outsourcing, recruitment, recruitment and education support by taking advantage of training, matching, and follow-up after employment.

  • Nursing care related

    We operate paid nursing homes, etc. where residents are provided end-of-life care for 24/7.